Rawabet address: 3 Hussein basha el Meamar street, off Marouf Street (ground floor)


Townhouse Library address: 10 Nabrawy Street, off Champollion Street, Downtown (2nd floor)


Phone No.: 02-25768086


For directions to the venue and further information, see




Rawabet was founded by a group of independent artists who recognised the urgent need for an artistic venue for independent groups and for an audience base interested in alternative contemporary performing arts, including theatre, music and film. Its name ‘Rawabet’, Arabic for ‘links’, expresses its overriding objective; to offer a space that creates constant connections among artists and between artists and audiences.

The venue is an old warehouse located in Downtown, Cairo, now converted into a fully-functioning theatre with a capacity of up to 200. Throughout the last few tumultuous years in Egypt, the Rawabet space has proved more valuable than ever. It offers transparency and a lack of censorship at a time when such freedoms are near enough non-existent and affords a source of fresh air for performers who are faced with low morale and what they perceive as a lack of opportunities. In spite of the exceptional circumstances that have defined this period, in terms of political upheaval and endless unrest, and indeed the location of Rawabet in relation to many of the clashes, the space and its activities have remained a vital cornerstone for the performing arts in Egypt.


عن روابط

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  1. What a suitable location! but there are two addresses given here, which one shall we go to?

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